Rob Hopkins: Transition-related thoughts on the Star Wars saga

As someone who, up until now, has lived so thoroughly on culture’s edge for so long that I have not managed to see ANY of the Star Wars films, I wonder if this review, by the founder of the Transition Town initiative, might just give me the perspective I need without having to go back and actually spend of any my precious time viewing any of those movies.

BTW: Two days ago, I actually tried to find them at the library, in the video section, but when I got home, my podmate Kat pointed out that I had come home with Star Trek, not Star Wars. . . Oh well! And now, Rob Hopkins saves me from further ado.

Meanwhile, I know what The Force is, I certainly do. And I have used it, been filled with and expressed it, flawlessly, many times, when utterly necessary. For example: The Swerve: Or how yesterday I almost died.

A Transition review, in 7 Episodes, of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’



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