YES! It’s Wake Up time for “CANCER.”

I’ve seen the article that follows in a number of places recently, and each time my only thought has been “I told you so.”

This afternoon I decided to repost the article, along with saying that many of the findings that they are now discovering, I have known, intuitively, all along. Among them:

  1. That radiation and chemotherapy destroy the immune system.
  2. That some “in situ” nodes in the breast should be left alone, completely, as they are unlikely to “spread.”
  3. That surgery to remove a cancerous node can make the cancer spread.
  4. That our bodies are continuously creating, and eliminating, cancerous cells.
  5. That mammograms can cause cancer.

Armed with this kind of inner understanding, I have never, ever, submitted to a mammogram. Indeed, in the past 40 years, I have only rarely “been to the doctor,” preferring alternative approaches to health that focus on recognizing bodily symptoms as symbols — of something gone awry — mentally, emotionally, spiritually. My body is a tuning fork, it tells me what’s going on with my entire mind/body/spirit system, and to heal the body I must bring the entire system into balance — via nutrition, exercise, meditation practices, plus processing unhealed memories that have kept me “stuck” in place, unable to continue unfolding my divine, original nature.

So how do I “know” all this that the medical profession is just now beginning to admit? Not because I’m smarter than average, but because I’m less mind-controlled than those who still view the medical system (or any system, for that matter) as having authority over me. Ever since my late 20s, when I spent years “investigating my philosophical assumptions” — with my Ph.D. dissertation the result — I have been free of the usual thick encrustation of cultural “beliefs” that prevent the intuition — which we all have, innately — from being recognized.

Millions Wrongly Treated for Cancer, National Cancer Institute Panel Confirms





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