As the “shadow government” goes mainstream, it’s now time to defang it.

James Corbett asks why this phenomenon, the secret government underneath the visible government, is now rising to the surface of mainstream media. Is this emergence intentional, to prepare us for acquiescence to their beloved NWO? Good question.

Deep State Rising: The Mainstreaming of the Shadow Government

Meanwhile, I really appreciated this next article that identifies how the secret government sets up dramas for us to get hooked into, pro and con; and then, no matter which side “wins,” it uses that result to propel further its agenda of control.

The solution? STOP TAKING SIDES. Be aware — and especially of how we personally are being emotionally triggered — and, despite that, learn to remain neutral.

And guess what? On the larger stage of “the world,” just like we’ve noticed in our own personal lives: we allow drama to scare, blind, sicken, and divide us — until we begin to see/feel both sides of any situation that we have unconsciously projected into manifestation. Once we do see both sides, without taking sides, the drama subsides. Whew!

We begin to see through the matrix when we DO “pay attention to the man behind the curtain.” And when we do, his “power” deflates. The “deep state” — and it’s ongoing attempts to divide and distract us — is revealed as a joke — on us! Until now.

This article deserves wide reposting.

The Malheur Occupation Standoff Is A Trap — Don’t Walk Into It

Dorothy Curtain




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