Ken O’Keefe: Want to stop wars? Refuse to pay for them.

As tax season approaches, I go through the usual inner contortions. The fact that I continue to pay taxes, despite that at least 50% of my contribution goes towards endless war, makes me realize that no matter how compromised I tend judge almost everyone else to be — so am I.

Wouldn’t you know, I just discovered this astonishing, intensely seasoned, warrior for peace, Ken O’Keefe, who, according to Max Igan, has a sound plan to starve the war machine. After reading a number of articles describing his bio and character, I’m going to donate to O’Keefe’s indiegogo campaign.

Please join me, to “legally, lawfully, peacefully, remove ourselves from the obligations to actually fund war.”

World Citizen Solutions

Watching this new interview, now:

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