Where’s the Varoufakis for America?

Love the simple, audacious, breathtaking sweep of Varoufakis’ vision for Europe. Indeed, as Mercury turns Rx today (until January 25th), we realize that the language we use has the power to color, and even define, hell, constitute our reality. Ergo, we need to think long and hard about the words we use to describe any situation. For example:

Are Oregon Occupiers ‘Terrorists’?

And, since Neptune is moving through Pisces, where it squares Saturn in Sagittarius during much of this year, it’s time to bring our visions (Neptune) into form (Saturn), no matter how difficult or protracted this push might require of us. No matter how it may try our patience; no matter how grating to the pure spirit that must somehow tether itself to the compromises of this “reality”!

Once Saturn moves into Capricorn (2018), we’ll finally be able to begin to concretize the visions we structure in our mind’s eye during 2016 and 2017.

So hurray for Varoufakis, who has the balls to just put it out there.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 7.53.54 PM

Greece’s Varoufakis Launches Pan European Progressive Movement

It’s not that I think any one person can “save” us; rather, I sense that only as the simple, audacious, breathtaking, sweep of our own collective unconscious vision emerges, will a “leader” who articulates that vision appear.



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  1. Raven says:

    Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is giving us more time to rethink. Many people have jumped to a conclusion and have no real whole truth about what is gone on in Oregon. These people are not terrorists at all. But they are being portrayed that way and instead of asking the question if they are terrorist the question should be why are they being portrayed as one. The complete picture is a lot more complicated than just a bunch of people standing up for what they believe is their rights. Whether or not you think it is their right or not this stand is more than just this one issue. Set up a chart for when this started and than a horary chart. A lot of this is about the eroding of personal rights to them and they have good reason to have concerns about that. If you look at the transits in American chart you can find it is about the financial structure of the country which is in more trouble than most American think or what to believe and surely not being told.

    The houses that are being effect by much of the Cardinal aspect in America chart (Gemini chart) has the 5th and the 6th house due to the sign itself is mostly in the 5th but rules the 6th. That would be the citizens (5th) and the health and service (6th) That sign is Libra. So all those Cardinal transits right now are effecting those house. Since there is no planet in that 6th you have to look for the ruler of that house which would be Venus in Cancer in the 2nd house (finances) in the natal chart. The transiting ruler of that same house is now in Sagittarius which is having it’s own aspect from no other than Neptune in Pisces and that Neptune falls in the 11th house of America’s chart which when dealing with a country that is where you look for the governmental system. In this case it would be our two party system. Neptune can bring some very positive things but it also has a tendency for fraud and sacrifice. There is much fraud coming from that 11th house and their is much sacrifice being made from that transit of Venus in that natal 6th house. The health of this country is at risk and so are the services the taxpayers pay for and should expect.

    I think I said last time due to the same Neptune effect it is not a time to believe anything that is being put out there. I also said that to know a more complete picture you need more than one chart especially when dealing with either a country or the world,

    Jupiter retrogrades tomorrow. This should give us time to complete thing that have been left unfinished. Also a good time for getting rid of things that are holding you back. A good period that we all must stay very focus because the North Node is by Jupiter’s side until Feb.

    Sometimes when you set up a chart and read it you have to forget what the books all say and instead let your intuitive side take over because right now that side should be very strong.

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