Oregon Standoff: Is the year’s first “revolutionary moment” already passe´?

Against my better judgment, I’m posting one more piece about the Oregon rancher broohaha. And yes, I admit, I am biased, not in favor of big government, but definitely in favor of unspoiled wild lands that belong to “the public” and forever held in trust. But see Rich Buckley’s comment to my last piece on this matter. He urges compassion for both “sides,” as well as group meditations to help heal fissures in the body politic. Point well taken. Thanks!

Along with many other people in this country, I’m “waiting” for the event that will trigger a mass awakening, so that we may nonviolently throw off the shackles of, and then ignite human passion to creatively transform the Military Industrial (and Academic Bankster Medico) Complex economy that has been steaming full throttle ahead since the end of World War II.

How many people could be fed and sheltered with the money spent for one expensive jet bomber? How many infrastructure projects fixed and developed, how many train lines built, or bike paths, or permaculture projects funded? You get the picture. Peace has always created a larger “jobs program” than war.

Here’s Switzerland, on the verge of perhaps doing exactly that:

Switzerland to vote on banning private banks from creating money

Meanwhile, if Rolling Stone is correct, the Bundy standoff in Oregon is on its last legs.

Armed, Pathetic, and Hungry: How the Oregon Militants’ Revolutionary Plan went Sideways

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