More on the inflamed foolishness in Oregon

Let’s call it what it is:

What’s Happening in Oregon Is Nothing Less than Armed Sedition

Hmmm. Satire?

Oregon Considers Wall to Keep Out Angry White Men

My question: is this a fed psy-op, another false flag, drummed up with agents provacateurs to distract us, get rid of guns, flush and round up dissidents, assert more central control? I googled that concern, and came up with nothing. However, this caught my jaundiced eye:

Oregon Standoff: A Terrible Plan that we might be stuck with



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  1. Rather then create dangerous meme’s that serve ‘LAW AND ORDER” ….harrumph! Let’s try something else that’s new:


    Rather than create dangerous meme’s that serve ‘LAW AND ORDER” ….harrumph! Let’s try something else that’s new.

    Fulminating a different solution altogether, based on compassion and understanding for a culture (the rancher) that feels their final historic vestiges of existence are being “stolen away from them unconstitutionally” because their government is, in their eyes: untrustworthy, cheaters , deceivers, players of ruthless dirty tricks, engages in attempts at lethal bush-whacking when unobserved, is up to their off-shore accounts in government-senatorial corruption – my God the land speculation and senatorial family corruption at play here is the real story from around the entire West Coast, — bought and paid for 2-faced lying sheriffs addicted to HLS handout toys of tyranny, serving as minions for the to big to fail New World Order Bankers’ Cabal.

    So what to do?

    It’s all connected and complex and to report only one side is to not understand the pain. To create the meme label of “Terrorist” is to invite in weaponization of our sky… Oh wait, we already have that…and feed the flames of chaos so desired in service to the Khazarian Mafia’s final solution. Hey I know, let’s play a different game. Okay?


    I follow two, free groups that practice global peace meditation. My research over the past decade stumbled across scientific studies in a relatively new (3-decades old+-) concept academically called “THE MEDITATION EFFECT.” In theory, this mess in Oregon is an ideal platform in which to test the Meditation Effect in real life. It’s ideal to test…not against… butt with….this kind of New World Order disruption of creating the meme of open range terrorism….especially if you understand the goals of the New World Order Khazarian Mafia cabal.

    To make a long story short, there is reproducible scientifically controlled test evidence that a meditating group the size of only 1% of the square root of the target population, meditating on peace and healing, reduces violence in that population by 72%. 7000 people meditating the same peace thoughts bring about 72% reduction on terrorism, violence, and crime on global populations… in theory.

    Keep in mind these so call insurrection-terrorists hold out of ranchers, has a legitimate legal basis on a long term pattern of having to deal with government abuse…. abuses not really covered in mainstream media.

    The process to reaching peace has important spiritual phases.

    If none of these notions bloom even a momentary feeling of compassion in one’s heart for both sides — our righteous, trustworthy government, AND the righteous trustworthy ranchers,… if you just do not feel something positive and loving for both sides, …. then try “The Group Meditation Effect.”

    There are two free groups that are doing THE MEDITATION EFFECT -globally. I’ve tracked many groups but these two stand out.

    Try them. APPLY THEM HERE.

    The first is “Wynn Free” on BBS internet radio Sunday Morning 10 AM PST. At

    I really like the Wynn Free group because you can ask deep questions on Wednesday evenings via email, and can take or leave the answers. The answers are staggeringly and inspiringly profound.

    The second group I am new to, called “Project Nooshere” :
    This group is now 5000 strong. THEY MEDITATE ON PEACE AND SELF HEALING.

    When someone somewhere can pull together simultaneously 7000 or more incarnated Earth-Humans to group meditate, magic happens.

    These associations are worth exploring as mainstream religion seems to direct our energies on to other good sounding, probably well meaning ideas all the time but seldom on these joint, spiritual visualizations. In the Wynn Free group we all use Google Maps to target our cities and specific spots as we jointly visualize outcomes together much as the studies conducted in THE MEDITATION EFFECT.

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