Seven Hopeful Signs for 2016

Six from Sarah Van Gelder of Yes! Magazine, plus one from me.

And I’d say that the one I’ve identified may be the single most important, if we can generalize from what I’ve been noticing. Admittedly, my evidence is anecdotal, but even so, here it is: There seems to be an extraordinary capacity building in the world for young couples to love their new children with an intensity and devotion that I have never before witnessed. Not just the new mom, but the new dad, equally, and together, the love they share between them expands to envelop the little one. So extraordinary! So natural, and yet so much missing in our role-ridden society. And: so much what the whole world both remembers and longs for now. Here’s one young couple, my beloved niece Korrine and her now husband Jacob Rothrock, with their new baby, Siler Rose, who, obviously, is hugely enjoying the ride.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 3.30.34 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 3.29.51 PM12341170_10103008827472539_2753619149027738316_nWhat excites me about what does seem like a tiny blossoming everywhere of this throbbing, swelling young family LOVE that chases out fear, is that no matter how disgusting the cranking up police state and onrolling prep for WWIII, no matter how drastically dire the state of our beleagured planet, this is happening.

And if this is happening, then we are not lost, we are saved. By ourselves, by and with and for each other, and through these very special little ones whose souls are choosing to come in now.

When they are most needed.

May our Love nourish them to the point where anything is possible, anything.

Six Hopeful Breakthroughs from 2015

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  1. Sylvia van Bruggen says:

    That made me cry Ann.

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