Happy New Year! — from the Unified Field of Love.

images-1Back in 2003, about three months after my husband Jeff Joel died, I awakened in the middle of the night to a sensation of being immersed in an intensely sweet, swelling, all-encompassing field of Love. This sensation felt so tender, intimate and all-embracing that I found myself, briefly, embarrassed!

It took some time, but over the years, I have gotten used to sensing/feeling this powerful Truth of LOVE as the foundation, the substratum, the underlying reality — of whatever appears to be going on, whether inside me or outside me or both. Indeed, it’s always both. Boundaries dissolve into the fullness of what is, over and over again. There is no end to it.

Since that awakening, I have never, ever, felt separated or lonely. For how could I feel lonely when inside every heartbeat, every breath, pulses the mysterious rise and fall of Life?

Once we realize the Truth of Love, we spend our lives lavishly, gifting this ecstatic effervescence in all directions, all of the time, to all beings. All of our daily interactions are infused with, all our concerns are shaped by, Love’s infinite capacity.

The Field of Love holds us.

The Fuel of Love burns through us.

Let us sink into this infinite vastness that expands in all directions

at once, forever and ever.

Let us come home.

May 2016 see the realization of all our beautiful dreams.

The Big Lie Versus the Great Truth That Shall Set Everything Ablaze


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  1. nancy frieden says:

    Love you Ann xoxoxox

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