Uranus! Oops! And a movie, walks, plus not so light-hearted reading matter

If you recall my warning to “watch your tongue” and “watch your step” — due to the stationary to direct motion of the accident-prone Uranus on Christmas day and the days surrounding Christmas . . . Well, I didn’t do either one very well. Here’s the evidence:

IMG_2865This, if you must know, is the side of my left thigh. We laughed hard as I told daughter-in-law Sue to take the pic very close-up so the rippling fat doesn’t show . . .

I was going down the stairs on Christmas night. In stocking feet. Slipped. Managed to torque my body to the left so that I would go down BUMP . . . BUMP . . . BUMP . . . BUMP! cushioned by the large muscles of the thigh rather than jarring my tailbone. At least I can be glad for that!

Then this morning, getting ready to leave for the airport and home to Indiana, I managed to BITE MY TONGUE! Hard. Even drew a couple of drops of blood.

So are my posts predictive programming?

Speaking of which, I noticed yesterday, that the video game Drew was playing on his new X-Box One had to do with prisoners trying to get out. As did the movie we watched last night, because Drew had loved the book and wanted to watch the movie, too: The Maze Runner.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 9.44.34 AMThe best part was afterwords, when Drew stood up and, talking fast, gave Sean and me a full rundown on how the movie was horrible, did not stay faithful to the book.

In my spare time here — which is plentiful, between walks on nearby Great Hill with family dog Lily —


— walks on the beach with lots of dogs, lunch at an old friend’s house — Nancy and I have known each other for over 50 years! — a peek into a fabulous bluegrass jam fest, and various meals both with and without others — I’ve been reading an e-book highly recommended by Fred Burks of wanttoknow.info: Lifting the Veil. An astonishing tour-de-force by a young man now only 22 years old who has connected an enormous range of dots in a very articulate and readable fashion, despite the ghastly nature of his findings. This is decidedly not warm and light-hearted Christmas fare, but rather the kind of thing that you want to refer to anyone who wonders why you are so concerned about the past, present and future of this civilization. And he doesn’t even touch climate change, the big daddy of them all.

Lifting the Veil

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 9.58.24 AM

I’m on Chapter XIV. As Fred Burks says, this is the “best summary” he’s ever come across, demonstrating the perfidious acts of those who pretend to rule us and wreak havoc on our name. The author hopes that everyone who reads it will refer it to at least two other people.

As Tom Engelhardt points out in Winners and Losers: Our New Media Moment, when news events are hammered at us in a fast pace with no context, we tend to instantly forget not only what just happened but its relationship to everything else. When we lose any framework for making sense of events, then we’re truly lost. Alternative media, despite the disinfo and misinfo often buried within it, is at least attempting to illuminate an ever-evolving context, and thus encourage us to create meaning, to observe patterns found in successions of seemingly disparate events. This piece, Lifting the Veil, tries to do just that, and to a remarkable extent, succeeds.

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