Are YOU an ET of the species “Raptor”?

At lunch this week, my son Colin Cudmore recommended that I listen to Kerry Cassidy’s summations of her interviews with imprisoned Mark Richards on Project Camelot. I came home and watched the latest one, and it was indeed interesting. Even more interesting to me, however, is the typed letter he sent to Kerry Cassidy in November about “Raptor” spirituality. Wow! It’s exactly the way I feel/sense/intuit the universe to be!

Geez! Am I a “Raptor”?

So I just couldn’t leave town without sharing this pdf.

Mark Richards Letter: November 19th, 2015

(Raptor part starts at bottom of page 1).

Aha! Is Keith Richards a Raptor?

From the sublime to the hilarious . . .

Keith Richards: I’m not getting old, I’m evolving.


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