Perfect chemtrail rant, for those who focus on organic food.

Really terrific. And his level of frustration with those who refuse to notice what’s happening to our skies is exactly my own. As he says, “I can’t find a fuckin straight line in nature,” and these “clouds” run in straight lines, sometimes parallel, square, or crisscrossing . . .

And no, no, no, they are not “just contrails.”

I think people have trouble taking this in because they still can’t believe that our “government” would do this to us. Nor can they imagine how we can stop it! Well, not by growing our own air . . . We’ve got to “haul the fuckin’ government into court”!

Well, maybe. If the judiciary is not equally corrupted.

P.S. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Too painful. But then, it’s obvious; I don’t need to.

Via zengardner


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