This week: Mars fueled Uranus/Pluto. The result?

As warlike, impulsive, hot-headed Mars fueled, first powerful Pluto and next unpredictable Uranus over this past week, amazingly enough, we did NOT blow ourselves up. Oh, of course, war and rumors of war continued, in fact, I now see a report that Russia has wildly underestimated what it will take to crush ISIS. Or, maybe, the more we attempt to stamp people out, they draw in even more desperate people to their cause? Clearly, meeting force merely with force is not working, and never has.

Meanwhile, the Paris COP21 met, and, mirabile dictu, actually came up with an agreement after 20 years of trying. Not that it will make much difference, some say. The planet will burn no matter what we do, given the human need to maintain the status quo. James Hansen, “father” of climate change awareness, calls it a fraud. Others have a more nuanced view, for example, Albert Bates:

Here Comes the Sun

It may be that this IS a defining moment, not because we actually accomplished anything real in Paris, but because we came together to do so, and made sure something got hammered out, despite all the past failures, including a deal that is cleverly Republican-proof! And more: it may be that humanity’s experience during this week when Mars squared first Pluto and then opposed Uranus transformed the frequency field in which we live on our mother planet. That from now on, the subject of climate change is on the table everywhere, and that humans must learn to respond consciously to this fact of nature — whether or not we humans are totally or partially responsible, whether or not it’s as bad or worse than we think, whether or not the entire solar system is also changing. I sense that all beings are changing, all together! The rocks, trees, animals, plants, humans, planets, solar systems! Nothing stays the same. Everything and every one, large and small, cosmic and microscopic, is filled with a single, abiding, loving awareness that flows through continuous change and breathes us, moment by moment, into form.

I did love these picture of climate negotiators who appear genuinely thrilled and triumphant:





Meanwhile, what especially interests me, is the level of creativity that has arisen during this Mars/Pluto/Uranus moment. And how, despite the resurgence of Trump’s calling forth the American id through fascist, racist, hate-filled demogoguery, despite the shootings (false flag and otherwise), so many times this awful ugliness is being countered by the exact opposite, and even in a fun-filled manner. It’s as if we need to air the shadow bring out our light. As if our darkness propels illumination — and hilarity!

See, for example, what just happened in Austin:

And of course we do need to get the shadow showing. How else can we integrate it and become whole? I’ve always worried about “new agers” who want everything to always be beautiful and refuse to look at the dark places within themselves. To me, unless my shadow is present, I’m kidding myself. In fact, as a woman in the crone stage of life, I continually “eat my own shadow.” And unless I see your shadow, and unless you and I work with the fertility locked within our respective shadows successfully together, our “relationship” cannot be trusted.

BTW: The protests at COP 21 also showed creativity and light-heartedness, despite the critical issue at hand. Especially loved the “clown cops.”



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  1. Victoria says:

    Many activists at the COP21 were saying if you weren’t AT the table at COP21, you were ON the table.

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