Need help!

I was hoping to put up an astro chart for the moment of “the sudden bang of the gavel” signalling the Paris Climate Agreement had been reached. Googled it, but all I could come up with was the very vague “Saturday night.” When exactly? Anybody know?

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  1. Read all the legal papers from the agreement but no time included along with the date. Email one of the reporters as i am sure they know the time…

  2. Wade Hyde says:

    The time was in the article you posted Here comes the Sun:

    At 7:27 pm Paris time (ECT), the President of the COP, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, gavelled the Paris Agreement home. The crowd stood, applauded and whooped. The text is here:

    • That’s hilarious! I had already seen it, but wasn’t looking for it at the time I read the piece. Thanks Wade. Will check it out in the morning. If you’d like to give your insights as an astrologer, do!

  3. Wade Hyde says:

    Really interesting chart

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