On the Eve of 2016, the American Shadow Rears Its Ugly Head

Malcom-X-Quote-oppressed-peopleThe projection of powerful propaganda involving Fear of the Other has always been an aspect of the American DNA. For an astrological view of the natal chart for the U.S.A., where Pluto in Capricorn closely opposes Mercury in Cancer, see Liz Greene’s view of Pluto’s current transit through Capricorn. This nation is heading towards its first ever “Pluto return,” wherein she must learn how to both integrate and transform the shadow — or not!

The national chart of the United States: 2008-2024

Now read these three pieces and contemplate: what is going on? Why are those still asleep being “driven,” via televised and print vitriol and demagoguery, towards “World War III”?

Who benefits?

IMPOSSIBLE ODDS in Mass Murders and Terrorism


Was San Bernardino the End of Civilization as We Know It?


Ten Things More Likely to Kill You Than Islamic Terror

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