Ellen Brown: Restructuring money matters

This morning I attended a weekly taiji class run by my friend Brian. 8-9:30 AM, in the Unitarian church hall. FREE. Brian was one of the people who joined us in a short-lived “gifting circle” which however, has left its traces in many of our lives. So grateful! The Gift Economy is still, to my mind, the one towards which we are tending, in the long run. Let go of money altogether! It’s already possible, though one has to alter one’s “lifestyle” dramatically. See Daniel Suelo and Heidemarie Schwermer.


In my own life, I’ve been experimenting with various ways to live, as much as possible, below money, for decades. After all, money is not a part of nature. Never was, never will be! Animals and plants and rocks and rivers don’t need money to co-exist. Why do we think we do? The realm of money that holds most people in thrall is like a thin scrim that we have conjured up collectively on top of what really matters.

Meanwhile, our intrepid people’s economist Ellen Brown has been tracking on-the-ground national experiments in changing the way money works. Check this out!

Reinventing Banking: From Russia to Iceland to Ecuador


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