GOOD NEWS! Food and Water

On this day of the new moon at 20° Sagittarius, let us move into Sagittarian vision. For what we imagine strongly enough is what we, eventually, will get.

And what is more important to imagine than visions of food and water? Real food, plenty of water? Besides the crucial subjects of shelter, energy, and learning how to love both ourselves and each other, without food and water, we die! It’s that simple.

I was struck, while riding a tour bus through the Denmark countryside over a decade ago, by the number of windmills. Windmills that powered whole towns! Clearly, they were on the right track. (Lots of windmills, by the way, also on the island of Crete, way back in 1990.)


But now Denmark has gone one step further. Can you imagine? An entire country making the decision to become 100% organic? It’s hard to believe. On the other hand, it’s wise to remember that Denmark is 228 times smaller than the U.S.

The Great Denmark to Become A 100% Organic Country

Gar Alperovitz argues that it’s best to think of the U.S. in terms of regional identities, since it is so enormous. I would agree. On the other hand, we don’t want regional networks to eventually lock together into a centralized “new world order” as per the plans of Agenda 21 or Agenda 30. We need to be very careful about what we intend for our common future. The bottom line is, start, and stay, LOCAL, as the main focus.

If tiny Denmark is to become totally organic, the world’s largest nation, Russia, whose great heartland is not already mostly organic, if not entirely pristine, has decided to ban GMO entirely.

World’s Largest Country, Russia, Bans GMO Food Crops

This movement to ban GMO also taking root in Europe.

It’s Official: 19 European Countries Say NO to GMO


This isn’t good news per se, in fact it’s terrible news, but the good news part about it is that a decidedly MSM news organ, U.S.A. Today, has just released its detailed, multipart study of ground water depletion in the U.S. and across the globe.

Pumped Dry: The Global Crisis of Vanishing Groundwater

Hopefully, it is this kind of mainstream coverage that will wake people up to what is happening to our common world. Question: when will the pain become great enough for people to actually open their minds to permaculture’s approach to water? An approach that can actually replenish groundwater supplies?

The Permaculture Approach to Water

How Permaculture Sees and Works with Water

Within the first hour of listening to Peter Bane‘s introduction to permaculture, I was hooked. Aha! We CAN save the world.

Think about our beautiful magical planet as a living organism where everything is not only interconnected, but both feeds and draws upon all that surrounds it. Think about wise nature as our teacher. How do we recognize, mimic, and expand upon and even intensify our Mother Earth’s way of allowing all species upon her to live and thrive? How do we reconfigure our food systems, our neighborhoods, our larger communities as authentically natural systems?

Out with imposed “grids,” in with wandering byways, following the contours of land and water. Out with top-down structures that attempt to identify, map and control every little detail; in with bottom-up ways of understanding and working with nature’s intricate designs and patterns, knowing that no matter how much we think we know about her, there’s always more.

And furthermore, that what we identify as her “laws” may just be habits, subject to change without our notice.

Rather than “dropping out,” we need to drop in, tune in, become one with her and her mysterious wisdom, allow her to guide us to unfold into what we, and our environment, are naturally longing to become.





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