Elva Thompson, on our collectively created illusion of 3D “physical laws”

Other than wanting to change the title of this post to “3D Life: The Ultimate Deception,” I have no quarrel with this wonderfully articulate immersion experience that, if you surrender to its fullness, begins to dissolve the “physical laws” of the 3D illusion that for thousands of years, we have collectively, unconsciously, held in place.

Indeed, I can attest to Elva’s insights, having experienced, on a number of occasions, the melting of 3D “laws” into a more spacious dimension that slowed down time and allowed my body/mind to “escape” a 3D collision. Two of these occasions happened within the past three months, when a larger dimension of myself suddenly swooped down to occupy my body and used my hands on the wheel to SWERVE (and this) dramatically, to deflect oncoming cars that were turning left directly, and unexpectedly, in front of my car.

For me, these kinds of apparently “miraculous” events incubate an awareness of total security.


Life: The Ultimate Deception


If we drive a car at a mountain, we will crash into it because our body software interprets the frequency of the mountain as a solid, and while we are immersed in the game, we are slaves to the limitations of our senses. Just as in the game of Warcraft, our elf and orc cannot run through a tree unless programmed to do so.

The dream world

Yet, in the dream world we are free of the constraints of the physical matrix game, and in that altered state, that other reality frame, we can pass through the mountain; fly in the air; swim underwater and instantly project ourselves to anywhere we want.


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