Climate Change requires us to shift from industrial agriculture into regenerative agriculture

One of the critiques of permaculture is that it only works for small scale systems. And yet, pioneers of large scale permaculture systems (agroecology, regenerative agriculture) are proving that this is just not true!

The Agenda Gotsch: Utilize the engine of the planet (forests) for food production. Result: “To create areas of permanent inclusion of humans, rather than areas of permanent exclusion of humans.” Is he referring to the U.N. plans of Agenda 21 and Agenda 30?

“Agroecology is a major tool in fighting climate change.”

Via Keith.

Published on Dec 2, 2015

“Life in Syntropy” is the new short film from Agenda Gotsch made specially to be presented at COP21 – Paris. This film put together some of the most remarkable experiences in Syntropic Agriculture, with brand new images and interviews.

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