Watch out for what’s true and what’s not, on all levels!

Note to self: watch out for the various parts of myself at war with one another, each one spouting her own “truths.” Watch out for news stories that might not be real. Remember, we are still working through the first exact closing square between Saturn and Neptune of this nearly year-long aspect, testing our capacity to discern what is real from all sorts of snarky deception, wishful thinking, confusion, downright lies.

Case in point: yesterday I reposted a story from jhaines6a website which I now wonder about. The story is extraordinarily explosive, if true, and yet I have not seen it picked up anywhere, not even by zerohedge, who usually keeps on top of such things. Jean apparently got it from infowars, which sourced it from “USReporter.” Not clear who the author is.

So, does this mean the story is not true? Or does it mean that the story is being deliberately downplayed, kept out of sight, by those who wish to work through the situation so that it does NOT explode. I have no idea. In any case, this is still a week during which we need to remain extremely centered and conscious, breathe deeply, and radiate Love as far and wide as we can open our hearts: fiery Mars, through next Sunday, is bearing in on its T-square with Uranus/Pluto.

I hear of many people “going off” around me. People who are just “losing it,” “over the top.” Let’s not add to the fray, eh?

Meanwhile, Julian Rose has a wonderful new post on just this subject.

Us and Them . . . Or Just Us



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4 Responses to Watch out for what’s true and what’s not, on all levels!

  1. Deanne says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve started doubting my perception of things this morning. I even wanted to write a poem on my delusion or Neptune today because I was reading about Neptune conjunctions Sun and Mercury in my birth chart and for the first time I actually started doubting what I’ve written… Am I seeing it different from the reality? Am I not seeing things clearly?

  2. Fikirleriniz gerçeğe dönüşsün !

  3. ksense says:

    Without doing any research on the article myself, I immediately wonder if it came from B.I.N. (if you know what I mean) web site. A lot of ‘doomsday’ minded people there and JH has been reposting from it for awhile, now.

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