Fiery Mars nearing T-cross with Uranus/Pluto makes this a week to watch

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 5.14.55 PMWe are still in the middle of the initiation of the first exact closing square between Saturn and Neptune during the cycle between these planets that began in 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell and, rather than our hoped for, borderless, peaceful world, we woke up to a take-over by the American hyperpower Empire. Perhaps this nearly year long Saturn/Neptune square will spell the beginning end of the insane Cheney-run, neo-con Project for a New American Century?

This particular week promises to be spectacular. Today the Sun begins to separate from its conjunction with Saturn. Mars, at 11° Libra, is coming right up to make a tense T-cross with that explosive combo, Uranus square Pluto, which, though now at 14° and 16°, are still within two degrees of exactness. Mars usually works ahead of its exact aspect, so today through Sunday will most likely let us know just how fiery this period portends.

The usual question is, “What will Putin do?” — in this case in response to Turkey closing the straits to Russian ships. Today, it appears that Turkey has played this trump card. (BTW: I have yet to see this news in wide release. Next day: but see this.)

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 5.05.28 PM

And, wouldn’t you know, this “Act of War” was declared on the first working day of 150 “world leaders” from 195 countries meeting in Paris supposedly to hammer out a treaty to mitigate Climate Change.

Russia, for its part, is sending 150,000 troops into Syria. And has, supposedly, unveiled its new “doomsday plane.”

And now, how about this?

Now what? The entire scenario does look like well-made science fiction play, “the lead-up to World War III” — and yet, and yet, I just don’t think this will be allowed. That whoever is watching over this planet does not want it to end in fire.

For my part, I’m doing the usual, centering myself continually, opening the heart, radiating love. We are the ones who can soothe and calm this extremely fraught situation.

As we intend transformation, Neptune in Pisces assists.

Not just “pray for peace.”


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