Steven Greer: “Nothing of importance happens on the ground. It’s all either in space or underground.”

Quite a claim, eh?

Yesterday, still somewhat in recovery, I spent much of the day lying in bed listening/watching Steven Greer’s new and massive four-hour presentation of his 25-year investigation tracking down the nitty gritty of the “Unacknowledged Special Access Projects” of the Deep National Security State and its relationship to UFO.

“Since World War there has evolved a monster. . .”

The four-hours were consistently intense, magnetizing, and supported by documentation. He cited myriads of personal meetings with supposedly knowledgeable leaders of various kinds over these 25 years, who knew nothing of what he was telling him, and who, when they asked their own superiors, were told that they had no “need to know.”

For example, President Carter, during his transition to White House, asked Pappy Bush (who had just completed his term as head of the CIA) about UFO. Pappy Bush sneered, told him he wouldn’t tell him about that — and airily suggested he have Congress investigate it.

Some Presidents, and some Secretaries of Defense, and other officials, were partially let in on the situation. It all depended on their value system. If they could be blackmailed, then they could be made to go along with the program. It turns out that Carter was the only one who wasn’t let in on anything at all. Why? Because he was incorruptible, and so could not be blackmailed. What does that say about all the other presidents since then?

Scientists, too. According to Greer, Carl Sagan was one of the scientists who, because the CIA discovered “certain inproprieties” in his Ph.D. thesis, could be “turned” — and from then on forever spouted whatever bullshit he was told to broadcast. According to a friend of his, when Sagan was contacted by the CIA, he watched him “age 30 years in a month.”

Over and over again, scientists, MSM news people, federal officials, movie moguls, all who are corruptible are pulled into the matrix which is much deeper and blacker than we realize.

What’s most interesting to me, is that Greer himself assumes that all ETs are “good,” and that any kind of so-called ET action that looks “evil,” is actually human — the Military Industrial Complex at work — including, of course, the experiences of abductees. Likewise, anything that looks like a spaceship — is actually human in origin. As someone told him, “We already have the technology to take ET home.” Moreover, anyone who thinks “the speed of light” is the limit is a fool. As Greer asks: how do you think ET got here?

Some time in this presentation is spent both in laying out the most important, and yet invisible, underground facility locations, the chief corporations that are benefitting from the skullduggery, as well as of the various ways all this totally illegal activity and technology are funded, including drugs, siphoned off taxes, back-engineered products (lasers, computer chips, microprossesers, etc.) and “gang banksters.”

Greer says that, much like the Mafia, “Unacknowledged Special Access Projects” use cover businesses to hide what’s really going on.

To corroborate Greer’s findings, let me mention that Kukinich, in a recent interview with truthdig Robert Greer editor, stated:

DK: Well, that’s why it’s important to inject this into the discussion now. You know, when I first came to Congress I was in a congressional hearing where the Department of Defense had to ‘fess up that they had over one trillion, “t” for trillion, dollars in accounts they could not reconcile. There was at that point over 1187 different accounting systems deliberately obfuscating how the money’s spent. Once I had that, Bob, I didn’t vote for a single appropriation for these wars or for the military build-ups. Throughout my entire career, not once did I go along with this, because I knew how the money’s being blown and wasted; and it ends up being, as a fellow by the name of Smedley Butler once said, a racket; “war is a racket.”

But of course, as Greer points out, since the government back in 1947 very successfully started its campaign to ridicule anyone who even considers the possibility of UFO, how many people will actually listen to what he says?

It’s important that we do. Clearly, our technology is way ahead of what we are privy to. Dirty, extractive energy can be replaced by processes that take nothing from Mother Earth and do not poison the soil, water or air.

What if someone was able to hurl Greer’s investigation as a curve ball into the so-called Paris Climate Talks, starting November 30, this very day. What would be the result?



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  1. ???? watched the whole thing. May I also suggest Foster Campbell’s (Thrive, The Movement) 2014 Colorado Energy Conference :

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