Thanksgiving Blues . . .

In case you’re wonderin’ . . . I haven’t been on this blog because I have been flat in bed, since the night prior to Thanksgiving. Can you believe it? My unconscious (my body) chooses this time to “go down.” Despite all night urine therapy, in the morning I still had a low fever and sore throat. But, of course, was determined to power through, since Sean and the kids, Kiera and Drew, flew in from Massachusetts for three days only, and we expected at least 15 people for dinner . . . That turned into 25 people, in two waves, including the usual outdoor fire circle on that mild November night.

Waiting around: Sean lost in space; Drew and podmate Brie communing with puppy Shadow; Kiera on her screen; Greta and Colin checking the bird.


Time to make gravy from the the bird, a 22-pounder, the first I have cooked in at least 20 years —


IMG_2749and yes, I did manage to somehow rise from my bed in the early morning, get the stuffing (which I had made the night before, just prior to noticing that scratchy sore throat) into the bird and in the oven before collapsing until 4 p.m, when guests were scheduled to arrive. Luckily Sean and the kids slept at Colin and Greta’s house, and came a bit early so that I could at least hang with the kids for a few minutes.

Since I’ve hardly gotten to see the kids or Sean during these three days, I’ll have to figure out some way to get to Boston for Christmas. Meanwhile . . .

Time to climb back in bed.



Yep, you can just see the outline of the top of puppy Shadow’s head at the bottom of the bed on top of the bunched up blanket. Such a dear little soul, and he has yet to get his daily walk! Hope it stops raining so the kids can come do this task before going to Goodwill. I told them I would give them each $20 for Christmas. They were thrilled; especially Kiera, to know that the Goodwill here has doubled in size and is stuffed full of recycled goodies.

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