Becoming Human: Stories from American whistleblowers and ISIS prisoners

Yesterday evening, rather than going with my podmates Kat and Brie and Bradley to a community potluck at the Middle Earth Co-op, I decided to settle in and watch a movie while eating my thick pea soup made with a smoked pork hock. YUM!

I ended up watching an extraordinarily well done documentary, Silenced, on netflix. Though I knew the subject matter, at least in broad outlines, I had not been at all aware of the actual human drama in the harrowing stories of these three whistleblowers who dared to stand up to the National Security State. Here’s the trailer:

From a piece on the movie by democracynow:

How far would you go to tell the truth? That is the question posed by the new documentary “Silenced,” which follows three national security whistleblowers who fight to reveal the darkest corners of America’s war on terror while enduring the wrath of a government increasingly determined to maintain secrecy. The three are former Justice Department lawyer Jesselyn Radack, former senior National Security Agency official Thomas Drake, and former CIA officer John Kiriakou. On the heels of the film’s premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, we speak with director James Spione about the extraordinary lengths the government has gone to in order to wreak havoc on the whistleblowers’ personal lives through a sustained campaign of intimidation and harassment.

Then, this morning, thanks to Steve Beckow, I happened to read a piece about an interview with ISIS prisoners, originally sourced in The Nation. Who are these beings? Who are these poor, scared, despised, desperate humans whom the MSM treats as demons?

What I Discovered from Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters

BTW: John Kiriakou discovered the same thing about Middle East fighters when he was stationed there, in the CIA. These are not “the enemy.” These are suffering human beings, cornered, with no where to turn.

Each of us, no matter how far away we have gotten from original natures, our beautiful souls sliding into this plane “trailing clouds of glory,” we are still there, HERE, underneath the massive and often poisonous layers of mind-controlled conditioning.

Let us remember, re-member, put ourselves back together again, recover our purity, our essential innocence. For those who live in central Indiana, please consider this upcoming event as something you might want to participate in.


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