Post-script: Halloween Party!

Just FYI yesterdays’ prep post:


We had a glorious time. Plenty to eat. Not quite 30 people altogether, “The Oracle” told many fortunes — including for two young children! — (until she got utterly exhausted, using numerology of name and birthdate, plus reading palms, each with just a few quick strokes); the scary stories didn’t start until 10:00 p.m, but somehow this old lady stayed up until 11:00 p.m. in order to partake in them. By that time, lots of folks had left to go to hear music downtown; eight of us stalwarts were still sitting in a circle grousing around the fire, and, son Colin not having come after all — sob!, I had to be the one to begin the story telling after all, which then prompted each one to also tell their own really scary true story.

I left before the others did, crawled into bed, and realized I had forgotten to take any pictures of the event. Not even the zany costumes got memorialized. Too much fun just being there, rather than splitting myself in two to witness it as well . . .

This morning, clean-up! Plus some left-over quiche that we scarfed up for breakfast. Oh yes, and yesterday, and last night, featured the very best autumn weather we possibly could have asked for. The evening actually got warmer as it wore on, rather than colder!

The best part about it? While the rest of the world is still preparing for Halloween, we’re already done! On to the next late year holiday: Thanksgiving, when my son Sean and grandkids Kiera and Drew will fly in from Boston. YES!


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