Just Wondering Department: About that “Runaway Blimp”

I presume you heard about the U.S. military blimp that got loose and started floating free somewhere over Pennsylvania today? Here’s the blimp. P.S.: It cost 1.2 billion dollars.


Oops! Not even the F-16s shadowing it could prevent what happened.

Runaway military blimp crash-lands in Pennsylvania

Final resting place:


Hmmmm . . . Now couple that with this news, from just yesterday:

China’s New Spy Airship Hunts Aircraft Carriers From the Edge of Space

Might this Chinese blimp have taken out the U.S. blimp, given the U.S. blatant show of force in the South China Sea?

Destroyer’s patrol in South China Sea shadowed by China’s navy

Of course, if that’s the case, the U.S. would never admit it. And if so, then we are at war — on/over the U.S. mainland.


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  1. laurabruno says:

    Somewhere, I forget where, though, I read an announcement that flight instrumentation was not going to work on the East Coast of the US for an indefinite period of time this fall. I forget the details but did make note of that announcement at the time, wondering if we’d see “freaky” “accidents” related to planes, etc. on the East Coast. Coincidence? Drill? Idiocy? Demonstration? Who knows? I’m just so glad David’s no longer in the airline industry … for oh, so many reasons!

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