Chemtrail Chronicles: Post-Patricia, “biggest hurricane ever recorded”

I haven’t posted on chemtrails lately, even though I see them crisscrossing our skies daily, sometimes sifting into haze, and, if I’m not mistaken, the situation is actually worsening — if that is possible!

Yet even now, whenever I talk to others about this subject — when I point to an obvious chemtrail in the sky! — I still receive vacant stares in return. As if it’s just too horrible to contemplate, the idea that someone, who? would be deliberately dropping poisons into our skies all over the world.

In fact the ongoing, in-your-face-so-keep-your-head-down situation with chemtrails reminds me of the ongoing global situation with the MIC (Military Industrial Complex). Whenever I mention that there are over 1000 U.S. bases overseas, in fact that the U.S. economy IS the military, again I get the vacant stares. Not because people are bad or evil, or don’t care. Not even because they are ignorant. Rather, I feel, it’s for the best of all possible reasons: THEY WANT TO HOLD ON TO THEIR INNOCENCE.

And yet, we can’t transform anything until we learn how to see and feel it all. And even then, we might not be able to make a difference; but if we can’t, at least we will be able to, in good conscience, “live with ourselves” meanwhile; and in the end, as the saying goes, we will know that we “died trying.”

Here’s Dane Wigington’s latest post. Do read the comments below the original article as well.

Hurricane Patricia, Weather Warfare, Power Structure Desperation, And Climate Disintegration

October 24, 2015

by Dane Wigington

9015-300x300The military industrial complex and the criminals that control them always have many agendas being carried out at once. In addition to hammering Mexico (perhaps for its ramped up trade and cooperation with Asia and for utilizing currencies other than the US dollar), the moisture from hurricane “Patricia” is being pumped toward the Northeast where it is being heavily aerosolized and chemically ice nucleated in order to cool down portions of the US. This process is used for engineered winter storms if the temperatures are cold enough. When it is too warm, the process simply cools down the temperatures on the ground as the colder air sinks. Extensive atmospheric moisture is needed in order to produce the engineered cool-downs that have been repeatedly orchestrated over much of the eastern half of the US in recent years. The short term engineered cool-downs come at the cost of a far worsened overall warming. As the planetary meltdown continues to accelerate, the climate engineers are constantly “doubling down” on their climate modification assault of total insanity.

Moisture from “Patricia” will by utilized to cool parts of the US, the consequences are irrelevant to the weather makers.


The brighter white cloud cover that shows up in the combination satellite radar image below is indicative of the most heavily aerosolized cloud cover. This bright white expands out in every direction from any core concentrations of atmospheric moisture. This is the the goal of solar radiation management, to create as much cloud canopy as possible, again, the overall consequences are not relevant for the climate engineers as they carry out a multitude of agendas for their own purposes. Flows of moisture into the western US are being completely aerosolized. This creates hazy white featureless skies over vast outlying areas and can greatly reduce or eliminate precipitation altogether in those areas, further fueling the already epic drought in the US West.


As mentioned, the moisture from “Patricia” has been and continues to be heavily sprayed (saturated) with aerosols. This creates a temporary (and highly toxic) cool-down for portions of the US.


As this moisture migrates over the eastern US in the coming days, the desired temporary cool-down sought by the climate engineers is now forecast to occur as the latest NOAA map below reflects.


The latest NOAA winter outlook map is below. In spite of record warm oceansand record warm temperatures predicted for all regions surrounding the southern US, miraculously, below normal temperatures are predicted for the southern tear of states. Welcome to “engineered winter“. Just as the moisture from “Patricia” is being used to temporarily cool regions of the US, the flow of moisture from el nino this winter will be utilized to cool some regions while the rest of the planet descends into meltdown.


The GISS “departure from normal high temperature” map below covers a two year period from 2013 to 2015, clearly, the most anomalously below normal temperature zone in the entire world has been the eastern half of the North American continent. This anomaly is a direct result of constant and extremely aggressive climate engineering.


In regard to the ongoing climate engineering nightmare, it is imperative to remember many agendas are being carried out at once. “This OR that” dichotomous thinking needs to be abandoned, with one exception, there is NO benevolence in regard to the geoengineering/weather warfare insanity, NONE. Help us to expose and halt climate engineering while we still have any part of a functioning biosphere left to salvage, make your voice heard in this desperate battle.


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