About that “New World Order”: Let us ask, CENTRALIZED OR DE-CENTRALIZED?

While I’m all for the tiny house movement, and in fact may be one of the original tiny house dwellers in 20th century America (20-foot diameter yurt in Wyoming for nearly 20 years),

yurtI also recognize how this evolutionary movement to severely downsize our dwellings while letting go of consumerism can and is being both promoted and hijacked. Part of the UN Agenda 2021 (2030) mandates stacking people into tiny apartments in cities, worldwide.

The Micro-Apartments are Mini-Prisons for Agenda 21’s Slaves

Likewise, our laudable attempts to preserve pristine wilderness. Agenda 21 (2030) mandates wilderness areas where no one can live, moving us all into cities.

P.S. Does this remind you of what’s happening in China? Moving villagers into cities (some newly built ones are still “empty”) where they “work” for international corporate slave wages?

Wildlands Project, Agenda 21, and its Future Enforcers

The point is: those who would control humanity’s future know very well how to subvert our innocent, ethical intentions while gradually corralling us into a top-down police state.

Think I’m kidding?

Here’s the larger picture.

TPP, TTIP, and UN Agenda 2030: Agenda for a One World Corporate Government

The alternative to centralized one world government is decentralization — local, local, local, everywhere, plus of course, bioregional networking. See this paper on Gandhi’s version of a new world order, where “The village will be the center of world organization.”

And maybe we should go even deeper into the center and remember that each of us is the center of world organization. As each of us treats with love and respect both ourselves and those with whom we have real, human interactions, so shall the world reorganize itself.

Let us begin by always asking the question, “how does nature do it?” As the Sufis say:

There is only one holy book, the manuscript of nature.




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  1. Rich Viola says:

    All “tiny homes” should be mandated to have solar panels for hot water or PV panels for electricity. .as should “all” new housing. ..

  2. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Thank you, Ann, for parsing the agendas, the manipulated innocence, the implications, and the workarounds. Local, local, local, yes!

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