BE AWARE: “World View Wars”



I’ve spent most of my research time today on a long, detailed article that seems to connect lots of dots — including actions of central banks to fund World Wars, off-world presence and technologies, and so-called “ruling families.” Antartica figures big. So does Argentina. Project Paperclip, The Tavistock Institute, on and on. For example, do you realize that way back in 1917 J.P. Morgan bought up the 25 biggest American newspapers, installed new editors, and took over, in effect from that moment on defining the parameters of how Americans could “see the world”? The Germans call this manipulation of perception “World View War” — and it’s been very effective.

Until of course, each of us wakes up. And some of us never did fall all the way asleep. Much to our chagrin. Loneliness followed. But now as more and more do wake up, life’s been turning into a constant party with long-lost friends!

This Jim Willis paper covers the years from 1900 on. I’m just at 1947 now. Will keep reading.

Who controls the agreed upon reality through the mainstream media and why they fear disclosing the truth about the extraterrestrial reality

Meanwhile, you might want try this one on for size:

Group of scientists plan to crowd-fund UFO data collection stations

Of course the very notion of “science” — including it’s structural components: “causality,” “evidence-based” “sense data,” “”hypotheses,” “theories,” “inductive” and “deductive” “logics” — in other words the whole apparatus of five-sense left-brain thinking and logic — can be viewed as perhaps the very deepest long-running psyop in the ongoing “world view wars;” even so, I applaud this new effort to circumvent government secrecy.

Aha! Here’s a woman after my own heart/mind: Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, whose exoconsciousness blog gives examples of a much wilder and more inclusive “non-linear’ manner of thinking/seeing/feeling/comprehending. Yes!

A Convenient Exoconscious Truth: Are You Blue? ETs and Government


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