Squash Tunnel Splendor!

As we finish putting this year’s GANG garden to bed, we’re checking out new ideas for next year. Ye goddesses, how about this?


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  1. How amazing !!! Neat, tidy, convenient, appealing and just plain gorgeous 🙂 A backyard to be proud of. I’d almost hate to cut them down for harvest….VK

    • I do wonder just how heavy the metal contraption has to be to hang heavy squashes.

      • laurabruno says:

        Oh, wow! That is awesome! I bet it’s the 16 foot cattle/hog panels lined up next to each other. Those are quite strong, but it also depends on the strength of the squash or pumpkin’s stem, not just the strength of the trellis itself. Lots of trellis squash experiments happening here, though none as cool or beautiful as this!

  2. John says:

    Ann, call me and I can tell you who does these hanging gardens and how to do them. They are very cool.

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