O Canada! Justin Trudeau

According to one talking head in John Oliver’s piece on Canada’s elections, while Justin Trudeau doesn’t have his father’s kind of razor-sharp intellectual intelligence, he does have something his father lacked, “emotional intelligence.” If true, then might this very big difference between the two liberal Canadian leaders signal a new beginning, not just for Canada, but for the world? We all know that what is needed is balance. That the “go-get-’em” yang force has gotten so far out of whack that the subtle yin power has been not only ignored, but denigrated.

Here’s Justin’s eulogy for his father, 15 years ago; the occasion that first brought him to national attention, one half of a Saturn cycle ago.

Notice, in the following NYT story, Justin Trudeau’s open, generous face as he delivered the “victory speech” In the eulogy above, his face is continuously contorted by grief.

Justin Trudeau, Following in His Father’s Footsteps

Here’s a nuts-and-bolts look at possible policies of this new government. Note, for example, that he both supports fracking and Native American rights.

What Your New Liberal Majority Means For Climate, Environment, Science, and Transparency

Of course we can cynically observe that all figures “elected” to office are puppets, part of the see-saw of national politics to distract the sheeple from the hidden (financial? ET?) hand that supposedly runs the entire globe. And in some sense that may be true. On the other hand, the personal qualities of a particular leader DO make a difference; they set the tone, the atmosphere for what might come.

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