GOOD NEWS: Innovative Albuquerque mayor provides work opportunities for “homeless” people

I especially like that they work five and a half hour shifts. That’s about right for any work, by anybody, unless of course, your work is also your passion, your soul’s path. But even then, after five hours, who doesn’t need a long “break”?

Which makes me wonder: just how much time in anyone’s boring cubicle day is spent surfing the internet? Has “productivity” gone down since the internet went up?

Oh but wait a minute. What’s “productive”? Is making bombs, guns, missiles, aircraft carriers, jet fighters, military bases, etc. etc. “productive” if its purpose is destructive? Since when is destructive productive?

How much of the “work” that especially Americans do feeds the MAMIC — Military Agricultural Medical Industrial Complex?

Yes. How much of what we call “work” is really needed? By whom? For what?

What would happen if we all just declared that we refuse to “work” anymore at anything unless it’s utterly aligned with what we, specifically, as individual souls, arrived on this planet to do?

Sorry, folks. It’s hard for me to just stay in line, stay within the subject, introduce a worthy post without veering off into some kind of side-ways rant. I can feel my own violence rising up against the violence I see/feel around me . . . Like just yesterday here in town, when one young IU student smashed a woman’s head against the table in a restaurant, because she’s “Muslim.”

These are perilous times. Any piece of even relative good news is to be treasured. Here’s one.


The Mayor of Albuquerque saw a homeless man with a ‘Will Work” sign. It gave him a great idea.



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