Who is Vladimir Putin?

This morning I spent some time talking on the phone with brother-in-law John Cowan. Given that John had been absorbed in Sister Mary’s prolonged final passage, he was not paying attention to “current events” abroad, and of how Vladimir Putin has now commanded the world stage in Syria. I mentioned to him that Putin’s speech to the U.N. on the very same weekend that Mary began to make her transition — that momentous time of the Blood Full Moon Eclipse during the weekend of September 27-28 — is now proven to have signaled both Putin’s intent, and his powerful capacity to follow through on that intent with utter precision after what now appears to be long-term deliberation and planning. After the U.S. dithered for a whole year while pretending to squash their own creation (ISIS, meant to destabilize the mideast and depose Assad), Putin on the very next day after his speech, sent in his air forces. And the rest, as they say, is now turning into history.

Here’s mideast analyst F. William Engdahl on Putin’s actions and achievement:

Putin Is Defeating More than ISIS in Syria

Today, I watched Part III of Vladimir Putin: Traitor to the NWO, published just yesterday.

My curiosity piqued, I decided to also watch Parts I and II, which turned out to be a speech Putin gave in 2007! To say his intent has been clear all along is an understatement. Putin does indeed, appear to be the real deal, an effective, one-man counter to the NWO, that “uni-polar” world envisaged by forces that use the US Military Industrial Complex as their “battering ram.” (His words).

I want John to watch these videos — and others that I have put up on this blog (just search “Putin” and you’ll find ’em) periodically that show the remarkable geopolitical, psychological, philosophical, and yes — spiritual — reach of this man. His vitality and verve. Putin stands head and shoulders above anyone else speaking on the world stage today — or perhaps ever, at least in my lifetime. As I told John, I have refrained in this blog, from saying that Putin or any other single person should be seen as humanity’s “savior,” since we all must do our part in saving ourselves from what we, as a “civilization,” have loosed upon the natural world.

And yet, and yet! And geez! Since John hasn’t been following this “story” — since he hasn’t watched Putin in action, hasn’t seen how Putin speaks without notes, clearly, articulately, in poised, balanced tones and with full command, about myriads of complex subjects, John had — of course! — unconsciously absorbed the propaganda put out by the U.S. mainstream press, that Putin is evil incarnate. How could he not absorb that drivel? It’s everywhere, poisoning the atmosphere, and most likely getting stronger and more desperate as time goes on.

Indeed, Paul Craig Roberts wonders if the C.I.A. is going to try to assasinate him.

Needless to say, John was stunned — and excited — to hear what I had to say about Vladimir Putin. I am going to email this post to him now.

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  1. The fact Putin praised the book Anatasia: The Ringing Cedars series says a great deal about Putin, seeing as how these books are spiritually centered, quite progressive thinking and honor the needs of every person equally…Reading them turned me around to Putin a long time ago….
    VK 🙂

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