Astrologer Carl Boudreau weighs in on the mutable transformation occuring NOW



I very much appreciate the deep soul of this man that guides his understanding of crucial astrological configurations now featuring Jupiter/Neptune/Saturn, all in mutable signs. VERY different from the wham-bang cardinal emphasis during the Uranus/Pluto square, especially as it got pulled into oblivion with Saturn in fixed Scorpio. Somehow — how? — we actually thudded through that protracted hell on earth. That we did complete that process is to me, a reason for rejoicing, as we now begin to educate ourselves as to what really is and has been going on while focusing precisely on our vision of a transformed future.

Astrology Status for November 2015 – A Mutable Portal

November 16, 2015

by Carl Boudreau



The Long, Slow Revolution

Accordingly, while Neptune in Pisces is slowly but irresistibly and irreversibly dissolving our ties to the past, the mutable T-Square is making sure we replace the old distortions with more carefully reasoned ideas.

I know that many are expecting or fearing or hoping for a violent, revolutionary turn of events. However, this particular mutable T-Square is not given to revolutionary outbursts. In fact, the present concentration of forces in mutable signs will work strongly against the residual revolutionary propensities of the lingering Uranus/Pluto square.

It’s energies are most likely to be channeled into constructive outlets by the bracelet of supportive semi-sextiles, sextiles and trines extending from Jupiter in Virgo to Uranus in Aries.

Instead, we should expect persistent, pervasive reform efforts fueled by a deep-seated, abiding rejection of the current state of the world. This, in turn, will give rise to numberless acts of protest, resistance, activism and reform – billions a day, globally. Such actions will be too numerous and pervasive to allow for easy, quick, forceful acts of government suppression. The powers that be will ultimately be forced to accommodate this new mood.

An Economic and Political Note

With the memory of the recent economic and political crisis still fresh, many, as noted, will interpret current economic turmoil in extreme terms. They will, understandably, fear another economic collapse and more radical developments in the global political arena. However, the recent economic and political crises were the product of extreme cardinal energies – namely Pluto in Capricorn.

The economic upheaval and subsequent political turmoil was exacerbated by the energies of Saturn in cardinal Libra and Uranus in cardinal Aries. These cardinal energies made for high turbulence and a tumultuous economic recovery. Saturn in fixed Scorpio, a sign that profoundly affects political and economic events, did not help.

The predominance of mutable energy will, by contrast, produce more moderate, gradual, incremental economic and political adjustments. You can see for yourself that all the routine predictions of economic and political catastrophe continue to not come true. The pages of the newspaper are filling up with undramatic but doggedly persistent efforts at reform.

People are quietly adjusting their ideas about reality. The world is no longer on a roller coaster ride powered by cardinal and fixed energies.

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