We are Change: End of American Empire?

Ye goddesses! This video was made over a week ago, and we’re still here? Hard to believe that a nuclear confrontation hasn’t already erupted, and probably would have, were it not for Vladimir Putin who, at least so far, has managed to adroitly maneuver a way through or around whatever ghastly crisis the U.S. and its minions foment.

Luke’s comment on the reason the U.S. wants to get rid of Assad? Assad refused to allow a pipeline from Saudi Arabia through Turkey that would have bypassed Russia and made Europe dependent on Saudi oil. Interesting. Hadn’t heard that before. True?

Given “what’s goin’ down” elsewhere, I am so very grateful to live here, in the heartland of America, inside a Green Acres Neighborhood Ecovillage eco-pod where the six of us in these two houses, and our friends, are all connected to both each other and our Mother Earth. Last night: our weekly community dinner, with outdoor fire. This morning: weekly work in the GANG garden, putting the garden to bed.

Only as I remain grounded, and focusing on a resilient future, can I absorb the kind of geopolitical perspective that Luke provides without going crazy. Thank you Luke! You are a treasure.

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