Vladimir Putin on how the U.S. wrongheadedly ENCOURAGES terrorism as a career


Here’s Putin speaking about ISIS, saying (at about minute two) that they are paid mercenaries.

Next, watch this U.S. journalist, who says “she doesn’t recognize” the U.S. in the country he describes in the above video, as she challenges him.

Again, in his response, Putin elaborates on how mercenaries work. And in so doing, he illuminates the idiotic pig-headedness of U.S. policy. (Though of course, from the point of view of weapons manufacturers, this policy is perfect! Winning and losing are irrelevant, given the goal of forever to raking in profits from arms sales to all sides.)

In conclusion, he remarks:

“You need to be able to get over your own urge for domination. And your imperial ambition. You need to refrain from poisoning the mindset of millions of people, by leading us to believe that the U.S. can have no foreign policy except imperial foreign policy.”

Finally, always seeking to cooperate, Putin repeats:

“I believe our deep-lying interests are largely similar. And we should proceed from these mutual interests.”




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