Laura Bruno, in response to Bradley Loves: We can dissolve all control systems, including ley lines!



In other words, all we need do is to recognize and feel ourselves as standing upon and absorbing the subtle, massive flow of energy from this beautiful, magnificent body of Earth — WHEREVER WE ARE!

Thus, While standing in line for lunch at the Lazy Black Bear’s 25th Annual Heartwood Reunion last Saturday, I mentioned to the person in front of me that I looked at all our human pictorial and linguistic and mathematical “maps” of “the world,” no matter how complex and multifaceted, as hopelessly simplistic. And furthermore, that the planet herself is in charge; that She is much much more powerful and creative than our human imaginations can ever dream of.

So, I agree wholeheartedly with Laura Bruno here:

Comment Bump-Up from a Bradley Love’s Piece

October 13, 2015

by Laura Bruno


Jean Haines reposted an interesting Bradley Loves piece, some of which I agree with, and as usual, much of which I find too black or white and simplistic. IMHO, his discussion of frequency manipulation is right on, but his solutions quite limited and even prone to backfire. You can read the original piece by clicking the above link, but I am most interested in sharing here the following comment on Jean’s blog, along with my reply. In all of this, I keep thinking of the Faery Rule, “Respect, Not Control.”


I understand that Bradley means well, but when I get to the end, what messages come through? One: Ancient Knowledge makes the psychopaths very powerful. Two: Quit your job and find a new one, or you are part of the problem.
And I don’t agree with either of these assertions.
“Ancient Knowledge” consists mostly of various ways to make slaves. I don’t consider it very powerful because, for some reason, people continue to want to be free. This “freedom knowledge” also exists, but Bradley doesn’t talk much about it. With this knowledge you can learn to live ethically and possibly hold onto your job, until you reach a point where sustaining your own biology doesn’t take that much effort any more.
You are part of the problem if you are part of the problem, employed or unemployed, rich or poor. You are probably part of the problem to the extent that you are a willing, unknowing, slave. And again, the answer is what I might call freedom knowledge and the spiritual technology that goes with it.
I’d like to meet the person who has managed to think himself free. If you could do that, you probably would have done it already. If you can’t do that, you’re still here. That’s why there is new knowledge to be learned, and new technologies that go with it. We can continue to dream of freedom, but make no real reach for it. I think we should continue to dream while reaching for knowledge and technologies that can make those dreams come true.

Laura Bruno:

Yes! The type of Ancient knowledge the cabal, et. al. use is a perversion of Ancient Wisdom, and on top of that, newer techniques arise all the time for side stepping the control mechanisms. I, for one, am always pleased when I encounter someone awake and aware working from the inside to alter the system through their own energy frequency and interactions with those in obvious positions of power. Shifting the behemoth from the inside out has as much value as removing oneself from that system.

Also, while I agree that the ley lines have been used against humanity, there are natural energy currents in the Earth that run EVERYWHERE, not just along those co-opted lines. Instead of only focusing on the ley lines, which have been cabal controlled for a long time, there is incredible value and power in focusing on healing and empowering your little spot of land WHEREVER YOU ARE. By tuning into the Earth’s frequency and by healing and lifting each spot of the Land, we remove relative power from the ley lines and manipulation, while also creating and contributing something new and positive where we are.

The Earth’s field is changing independently of the cabal and of all the ley line workers focusing all their energy right back into the ley lines, which could easily be re-co-opted by the cabal. Why not align with where the Earth Herself prefers to go instead of trying to superimpose our will over the cabal’s will? Why not create beauty, harmony and new eco-systems that restore humans to sanity all over the place? The ley lines are still a control grid. Yes, better to have that control in more benevolent hands, but for true freedom, far better to restore true balance and harmony with the planet Herself.

I do agree with the importance and responsibility of people learning about magick, and no, not all of it is “evil.” Tools can heal and build or harm and destroy. It’s not just about neutralizing the “bad stuff.” It’s also about creating a new reality that’s so far out of frequency with the negative and so strong in and of itself that the negative dissolves. Reacting to the negative still holds it firmly in place. Awareness is important, but so is creating a replacement reality that the default masses can easily step into. Most people will not bother to learn esoteric wisdom, but preferred realities can offer the masses alternatives that remove consent for negative manipulations, simply because those control grids become irrelevant. Strengthening the ley lines, though well intentioned, imho, misses the boat and strengthens the cabal if done so at the expense of healing and aligning with the rest of the planet that does not happen to be on an old ley line. The planet’s field is shitfing, magnetic and otherwise. Let Her lead!





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  1. Ines Radman says:

    Reblogged this on You Are The Light That You Always Have Been and commented:
    With a few people involved in this post it may get confusing, but it’s not the messenger, it’s the message and thoughts and ideas of great people in the comments. Great thoughts.

  2. Very interesting, seems like some have gotten 3/4 of the way up the ladder and see a better view of things. But one contradiction I find I am still not wrapping my head around, is in one view the earth is a matrix or hologram and next it is anthropomorphized as a living body. I think I view it as an hologram of electronics that when you shine your light on some aspect you see that aspect as realty. Then go about convincing others that is the realty or being convinced by that limited view it is reality. “In the game of life, the one who gathers the most agreement creates reality and wins!”
    JBallerino 10-17-05

  3. rose day says:

    Ann, imho, the very best part of Bradley’s article was his allusion to the concept of ‘morph-genetics’
    and cabal manipulation of this very powerful energy paradigm.

    A Google of the subject yields much fascinating information and for me personally, the most easily accessible was a site promoting the work of British biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, best known for his theory of morphic fields and morphic resonance.

    Very simply stated, the premise is that patterns of habit form a field of energy which can jump
    from culture to culture. The cabal has mastered this ancient wisdom and via present day cabal-controlled media has mastered the projection of horrific visuals world-wide thus enabling a
    culture to culture jump of seemingly never-ending trauma, which in and of itself is a major
    player in planetary mind control.

    Bradley offers a counter measure in the concept of ‘collective mind’ wherein mankind can, in
    ‘communion’, override the cabal manipulation utilizing quantum theories of focused thought and intention…basically a beneficial use of the concept of world-wide morph resonance.

    • Yes, agreed. To me, the whole “field phenomenon” is so obvious (it’s what I always work with, establishing and altering existing fields), that I didn’t really cue in on that aspect of Bradley’s article. Thanks so much for this commentary!

  4. Kate Ferrell says:

    Ann, I’m with Mother Earth!!! Thank you for posting Laura. She is SO right! We must all connect with our Mother, because she is alive. We live here because of Her. The parasites that live off of our energy have always tried to separate us from Her.

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