While I was in Seattle . . . TPP trade deal reached. YECH!


I didn’t notice this piece of global corporatist news. I should have. But what could I personally do about it? Nothing. Here’s Jon Rappoport on the subject:

The TPP: A monster too big to fail?

Interesting that he put a question mark on his title. I’m surprised. And gratified.

Here’s Laura Bruno’s incantatory introduction to the same Rappoport post:

Yes, this is it.

May those pushing the TPP fail so miserably, drown so deeply in their own corruption, cowardice and greed that they can never now nor ever again breathe life into such schemes. May the rip currents of Poetic Justice wrest the puppeteers and their puppets under and away with swift force. Never to manipulate this world again. Never to return.

May those with vision and courage flush the TPP and its proponents from our toilets, from our shores, from our governments and from our lives.

May the People on shore awaken from trance and return to their hearts, their souls, their soil, their kin, their homes, their friends, their communities, their lives. May they live, love and create in peace. May prosperity and harmony return to the Land and Her People.

May it be so, and soon.

May Laura’s magic work! Meanwhile, assuming the TPP gets fast-tracked through U.S. Congress and the governing bodies of other nations that signed it, here’s what we’re looking at just from the point of view of one industry, Big Meat and Dairy:

We’re eating less meat, and yet factory farms are still growing

The New York Times views the eventuality of the TPP as not yet set in stone. But is not so-called “scrutiny” contradictory to “fast-track”?

Trans-Pacific Trade Deal is reached, but faces scrutiny in Congress

Just noticed that the front-runner for House Speaker post has dropped out. Hmmmm. Will chaos reign in Congress? Blow-back from instigating chaos elsewhere on the planet?





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