Pumpkin Party Farewell on Eve of Flight to Seattle

Last night I walked next door to the DeKist house and what should I find? A Pumpkin Party! With Aaron (and his pumpkins), Katarina, Edie, and Brie.

IMG_2499IMG_2508Oh, and Leah, to Aaron’s right. Aaron made a Mr. Pumpkin Head for Edie . . .


Oh yeah!

IMG_2514Kat tells me, just now: “You missed the massage train that we did afterwards.” Damn!

Okay, folks, that’s it! At 4:00 A.M. tomorrow Kat drives me to Indianapolis, heading for Seattle, and our farewell to sister Mary. May not be back online until my return, Wednesday next.

Tomorrow evening, we’re going to hold a private vigil service to feature first, the rosary led by sister Paula, and second, Dances of Universal Peace, led by brother Mark, who is currently in a three-year DUP teacher training program. YES! It will be the remaining siblings first introduction to the Dances. So we are to marry two traditions in our honoring of our dear one who died.

The public funeral will be Saturday morning, reception to follow, and then dinner at sister Marnie’s later. A poignant, bittersweet journey.

Bless us all!

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