Maarja Nuut in Concert, Bloomington: During Weekend of Blood Full Moon

And see this, this, this, and this.

I consider myself intensely fortunate to have sat in the first row, balcony, at the World Spirit concert last Sunday afternoon, part of the annual Lotus Music and Art Festival, and been blessed with this haunting music from an Estonian woman of great mastery and subtle power who speaks of village life on her first visit to the United States.

If only I could have attended with my sister Mary. Had she sat next to me, I could have leaned over and whispered, “Doesn’t she remind you of Arvo Part?”

But Mary was lying in her hospital bed in Seattle, finally switching gears after 40 years of intermittent and gradually amplified suffering, from “I must survive and thrive against all odds” to “I accept that I am dying.” I like to imagine this evocation wafting through the atmosphere from here to there to help her let go.





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