Sister Mary’s death chart

Ommigoddess. No wonder it was so easy. No wonder she was conscious and with all her wits up until the very end. Mary’s soul chose the moment when the planet Uranus (surprise, sudden change) conjuncted the bottom point of the chart, that point where we are connected to Earth, while trining both Venus and the Ascendant, to exit this life where she had suffered, almost unremittingly, for forty long years. Endless “procedures,” operations, ambulances, ER visits, waiting rooms, doctor visits, chemo, one arm made utterly useless from radiation, lungs compromised by continuous fluid build-up and requiring external oxygen, internal scarring from operations that required more operations, and in the end, swelling in her legs, plus pneumonia.

Mary had actually been “nearing the end” for the last two or three years. More than once I thought she should already be in hospice. But she always wanted to live. As my sister Kathy said, “she had been ‘trying to live’ for forty long years; so it was a habit, and hard to break.” Yet, over this weekend, in concert with that extraordinary Full Moon Eclipse, she finally decided it was time to let go.

That decision made, she changed gears and exited with alacrity.

May we all learn from her brilliance in the end.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 5.33.11 PM


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  1. Mary twombly says:

    May Mary rest in the peace she has been searching so long for!

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