Today’s NASA admission of water on Mars: Lead up to Disclosure? And consider the timing. Meant to distract from Putin at the UN?

I just put that question of ET/UFO Disclosure out there, as one of the possible ramifications of last night’s Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in conjunction with all the other powerful astrological indicators still radiating from last week. Certainly, it would be the biggest breakthrough ever, were it to be admitted. Yep, even bigger than 9/11 truth. Though of course, they may be related, in that it’s possible 911 was some kind of “satanic sacrifice to off-world gods.” Google that phrase for more.

NASA ends cover-up and finally admits water flows on Mars… but still won’t admit to proof of life on the red planet, known as a fact since 1976

But check this out:

United States Major General Blows the Whistle on What They Really Found on Mars

Meanwhile, I find the timing of the NASA announcement, on the very day Putin and Obama are both scheduled to speak at the UN, velly interesting.

Massive Monday

Is the U..S. media being used to distract the U.S. from Putin’s speech? Since obviously, Putin is far more potent and popular than Obama, with 87% voter approval rating vs. Obama’s 51%. In an interview with Charlie Rose recently, Rose called him “characteristically confident and combative.” I wonder what a poll of the U.S. electorate would now say about Putin. If high, it would show that even U.S. people are no longer subject to or fooled by U.S. media propaganda making Putin out to be diabolical.

putinvsobama22Here are both speeches in full. I have yet to watch them, or the Charlie Rose interview. But notice the language of Charlie’s introduction: “Putin may be looking to restore his international influence and gain the respect he seeks for his homeland.” HA!

Vladimir Putin named most influential figure in the world for 2015 by Time 100 readers’ poll

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