My world just shifted 180° — again. Did yours?

180 is the number of degrees in an astrological opposition, like the one we’ve just been through with Sun and Moon. Of course oppositions (and Full Moons) are not always this wildly oscillating; especially if you don’t have planets connected to them.

I just cancelled (at no cost) my “bereavement flight” with Delta. The doctors have decided to “aggressively treat” this pneumonia with antibiotics before they send her home for hospice. And that may be another week or two. She doesn’t want to see anyone, as she wants to prepare herself for the journey ahead.

Meanwhile, did you see what else happened just after this huge Full Moon?

Shell Abandons Alaska Arctic Drilling

This is truly thrilling news. Perhaps we really are inside an eclipse portal that shifts humanity out of the war/peace duality. For that’s what I think, and here’s what happened to make me think so:

Last night, woke up to this sensation: waves of fear, swirling up in a widening gyre, funneling through a or dead or dying body on Earth. Fear of Death. The fear that drives everything, including violence, destruction, and war.

Then an hour later, woke up again: this time to see wave upon wave of doves, swirling up from that same dead or dying body which was now far far below my vision, and looked more like an outline, a mere shadow of itself. Doves are the symbol of peace.

War and Peace:

a duality that must be overcome

for us to evolve further.






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  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Yes, Ann… I noted a definite shift in the energies this morning at work. Less fear, less strife, although a few things still need to be worked out by co-workers. Interesting to really “feel” the potency of the energies. I was flattened yesterday, too.

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