And how was YOUR rare perigee blood full moon???

Oooooooooh. I DID — and still do — feel that full moon, in spades. Most likely because it happened to conjunct the vertical axis of my chart, and Neptune, which in turn rains down on (is in aspect to) every other planet.

For me: extreme restlessness, almost jittery, difficulty settling (rare for me at this point in my life). This physical/emotional drama was resonating with news, also yesterday, of the possible climax of a decades long tragic drama in my family that I cannot talk about here. I lit a candle for this person, this dear love, and agreed with my siblings to go into meditation (some call it prayer), to help ease the passage.

All night long, I felt connected to this soul and not just to this one, but to those gathered round in person and psychically, during what I sense is the collective drama being played out by this single instantiation of endless suffering. More on that when it becomes possible to speak.

Meanwhile, I did see the perigree full moon when she had already risen low in the eastern sky, peeking through the trees. I was determined to see the eclipse. Convinced my housemate Brie to go with me and Shadow, up to the hilltop Bell Tower, highest point around, about a mile away. Took the car.


Shadow and I walk up to the Bell Tower regularly (good aerobic exercise!), so he led the way up the hill from the car. Brie and I looked to where the Moon should be. Not visible. This was some time after 9 p.m., so the eclipse should have been happening. Too many clouds. We sat on the wall overlooking tree-covered Bloomington for awhile anyway, and wouldn’t you know, what should we eyeball, but a large group (maybe 40) of young men, some with small backpacks on, walking purposefully in a group down the street where the car was parked. What for? Aha, I said, I bet it’s hazing night. (Fraternity row sits nearby.) I mentioned that I’ve begun calling fraternities “rape factories:”

University Administrators Allow Fraternities to Turn Colleges Into Rape Factories

We watched this masculist swarm stop at the bottom of the hill, in front of a high voltage station owned by the city. (Shadow and I walked up there this morning to see what it’s for, and it’s to pump water (uphill?)).

They milled about right in front of the padlocked gate. WHAT WERE THEY DOING THERE?

Just then we saw three other pumped young males get out of a car in the parking lot by the Bell Tower. They walked towards the tower. We yelled hello. They didn’t respond. Apparently they couldn’t figure out how to get into the locked staircase there, and went back to the car. Or were they leaving because we were there, witnessing their shenanigans. We assumed whatever they were doing, it was connected to the testosterone-fueled crowd below, which, we presume, also saw us sitting there.

Frankly, the situation felt vaguely intimidating; I radiated love to counter it.

Brie and I were highly aware of this charged moment as what WE had manifested for our total lunar eclipse (the only one visible from the U.S. for the next 33 years) that features Aries and Libra, two signs which, more than any others, symbolize the dance or war between male (Mars) and female (Venus), between assertion and responsiveness, aggression and diplomacy.

Brie and I decided to continue our saunter, down around to the street, walking back to the car, which, by the way, was parked closest to the high voltage station. So not only the three of us (I count the pup as a person), but our car was involved in this little drama. Just as we got to the car, I said, let’s go up the hill one more time. We did. Sat again on the wall. Still no Moon. Talked some more about fraternities and sororities, how they are bastions of privilege and class. And, Brie informed me, when the sororities have their events seeking new members, those invited are not allowed to physically touch those already in the sorority! We both found that intensely weird, but no weirder than any of the other arcane, and often cruel, rituals associated with this aspect of college life.

Still no Moon visible. We took the same route back again, and as we got to the street, happened to get there just when three of the crowd did. I asked: “What is this, part of hazing?” And they all three, one after another, answered, “What?” “What?” “What?”

So we knew it was.

Odd, the exact timing. For just as the great mass of the rest of the men swarmed past us on their way back, we got to the car. Laughed about how our presence had most likely interfered with their plans.

Then, another Aries/Libra event on the way home. We were talking. Cars coming at us started honking. Woke me up. Brie said, “Are we going the wrong way down a one-way street?” Just then I saw that all the signs were pointed in the other direction. YES! Luckily, again a matter of timing, just then, the street turned into a two-way. Me, the Aries, doing my thing, oblivious; Brie, my Libra companion, helping me see what I was doing . . .

Ye gods!

I just got a phone call from my brother in law. Asked me to come. I leave home at 3 p.m. today to fly to Seattle . Not sure when this blog resumes.


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