Pope Francis set up as front man for NWO?

article-2380138-1B05A651000005DC-596_964x546Hmmm. I see that the alternative media is finally ramping up enough to counter the hoopla inspired by the giant broad white Pope Francis body with its sweet smile and hands that clasp both those of the homeless and Henry Kissinger. Golden Rule for one and all, right?

Well, maybe not.

I love Laura Bruno’s rants, when she finally consents to get out of her glorious garden to briefly and gingerly stand on her soapbox:

Comment Bumpup: Too cynical or too optimistic?

That post was in response to comments made about her repost of t Matt Taibbi’s wondering just what is all the fuss about Saint (oops, I mean Pope) Francis.

Why do we care whose side the Pope is on?

But the most urgent message she ascribes to Doreen Agostino, who, yes, I am grateful too, has taken the trouble to compile all sorts of perspectives that show us just how this pope’s celebrity appearance in America is a designed, timed set-up to funnel us all into the New World Order NOW.

The Decision Now Facing Every Living Human Being: Please read before 9/25/15

Oops! That’s TODAY.

Meanwhile, here are a few backstories on Saint (oops, Pope) Francis.

The first, and worst, from Kevin Annett’s Tribunal. Remember him?

Eyewitnesses Testify: “Pope Francis Raped and Killed Children; Sealed Vatican Documents Expose Their Satanic Rituals”

Indeed. Remember back when we wouldn’t take such allegations seriously? That’s before we were subjected to all the horrific news about pedophile rings in the priesthood, politics, Hollywood, media, sports . . . So who knows if this Pope was personally involved. We do know that as Archbishop, he was connected to the military junta in Argentina that disappeared lots of people, including radical priests.

Washington’s Pope: Who is Pope Francis I?

Then of course, there’s the matter of the Vatican’s obscene wealth, not to mention allegations that “Jesuits run the world”? (Google that phrase. Lots there.)

Oh yeah, and note how it might be that there are three global corporate power centers: London, the Vatican, and Washington, D.C. London runs the financial world, the Vatican runs mind-control (religion), and Washington, D.C. the military.

Three corporations run the world: City of London, Washington D.C. and Vatican City

I do think we’re being set up for a major centralized restructuring and clamp-down of the way the world is governed, that this restructuring was timed for now, during this week that features an unusual concatenation of astrological configurations, that Pope Francis I, aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is set up as the front man for it. Just how much he personally knows about the role he plays, I have no idea.

As if they can control us wiggly squirrly beings! Fat chance.

Meanwhile, let’s end on a humorous note, shall we? From 1967.








Here’s a

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