Perigee Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: September 27-28

In New York City over this weekend, world leaders are gathered at the U.N. in an attempt to set in motion long-planned Agenda 21 (Agenda 30), “Sustainable Development” (an oxymoron), most likely not coincidentally designed to be ushered in through a portal? worm hole? opened by a brief straight line alignment of Sun/Moon/Earth, from our point of view, in space.

I’m of the opinion, by the way, that the very fact of eclipses either shows a divine hand at work, or extraterrestrial tinkering. For how could it be that these three bodies, including the Sun, which is so much further and larger than either Earth or its Moon, exactly cover each other, rim to rim, during eclipses??

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 4.57.22 PM


Here’s a story about the Eclipse in the MSM news:

Super Blood Moon Eclipse on Night of September 27-28

Astrologers note that at the point of maximum intensity for this relatively long-lasting eclipse

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 4.56.41 PM

the vertical axis (which ticks forward one degree every four minutes) is at 2° Virgo/Pisces, illuminating the Jupiter/Neptune opposition (now at 7* and 10° Virgo/Pisces), and triggered by Mars at 1+° Virgo, exactly conjunct the IC, closing in on its opposition to Neptune at 7° at the MC and conjunction with Jupiter at 10° Virgo just past the IC.

These three planets, on or near the vertical axis of the eclipse chart, stamp its significance. This is the second time in two months that the Full Moon has lit up Jupiter and Neptune, which have been opposed to one another for awhile now, fueling both our visions and our illusions. See this.

Get ready for what may be some kind of massive psy-op involving a grand illusion that “they” want us to all buy into. Not just lovely seeming but centrally controlled and operated “Sustainable Development” to “save the planet,” but maybe some kind of fake hologrammatic ET visitation? Who knows. Just stay alert to how we are being manipulated through the MSM media, especially as Mars closes in on the Jupiter/Neptune opposition, between now and mid-October.

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