Obama and Putin to meet. Hmmm. How about this question to both of them?


Here’s how the washingtonpost titled this announcement.

Obama will meet Putin next week during the United Nations General Assembly Session

Scroll on down through the piece to see how this MSM newspaper parsed the planned meeting: as if Obama is going to make sure Russia does the right thing. Oh yeah, unhuh. Did you know that the Ascendant of the Declaration of Independence (used to set up the U. S. astro chart) is in Sagittarius — that most bloviating, hypocritical of signs, when it is NOT telling the truth? Oh yeah, and McDonald Trump has his Moon in Sagittarius, opposite Sun/Uranus conjunction in Gemini. Oh yeah, and Pope Francis has his Sun in Sagittarius, December 17, only two days from my own December 19 birthday. Both of us with our Suns conjunct the Galactic Center for this galaxy. Say wha? Obviously, the pope has found the perfect pulpit from which to broadcast whatever he’s getting from that unimaginably far-off, far-out point in space.

Here’s the question I’d like to put to both of them.

What percentage of your nation’s military activities/expenditures are privatized?

P.S. We already know the answer.

The Privatization of War: Mercenaries, Private Military and Security Companies (PMSC)


Government rejects bill to introduce private military contractors in Russia – report


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