Claim: ALL security in the U.S. is controlled by Israeli firms

True? If so, it’s a literally astounding piece of news, and adds a new level of complexity and horror as to just why the U.S. treats Israel with kid gloves.

Googling her claim I found no confirmation anywhere. But I did find Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich’s bio, on the author’s page of opednews:

Soraya has lived and studied in — Iran, UK, France, and has obtained her Master’s degree in Public Diplomacy from USC Annenberg and USC School for International Studies, Los Angeles.- She is an independent researcher, public speaker, radio commentator, political columnist, and peace activist.

I remember seeing a story in the local paper a few years ago, about some kind of regional emergency alert drill that had just taken place. The story talked about some function that everyone involved attended afterwards, including, as I recall, an Israeli general. Wow, I remember wondering: What’s that about.

Truly, if she is correct, then this little video needs to be widely disseminated.

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