September 20-27, 2015: astrology, geopolitics, and a possible litmus test for the pope

This is the week that was, or, er, is, or, er, will be, forever and ever seared into our hearts. Oh? Says who? Says all the doomsmakers and naysayers and others who can be “trusted” to try to steal everybody’s power that we don’t even know we have so that we can all freeze into fear and go down in flames.

Let’s see, what are the signs and portents?

• September 23, Wednesday: Fall Equinox, Sun enters Libra. Balance of day with night, night ascending.

• Brooding over the entire week: Pluto turns SD September 24-25 while exactly square to Mercury Rx at 12°. Hard, harsh communication; cooperation difficult; possibly digging to the bottom to reveal what’s been hidden.

• September 27, Sunday: Total Lunar “supermoon” Eclipse in Aries/Libra. Absolute necessity for cooperation among equals.

• Plus, over the coming weekend, Saturn, newly entered into fiery Sagittarius squares Mars, moving from 29° of egocentric Leo to 0° of humble, willing-to-work-the-details Virgo. Let’s hope that Leo to Virgo shift means something! That these two difficult plants square off points to a tense, difficult time. How to parse ideals and visions with the nitty-gritty of concrete policies?

And of course, it’s way interesting that this week’s concatenation of super-powerful astrological configurations just happens to dovetail with . . . drumroll . . .


. . . which, in turn, magnetizes all the governmental honchos of the world to gather in New York and give speeches: China, Russia, the Pope, Obama, etc. Some doomsdayers say this summit will hail the rollout of Agenda 30, to replace Agenda 21, an even-more centralized world police state. Hmmmm . . .

Do you think this grand confluence of astrological and geo-political events an accident? I very much doubt it. So does Barbara Hand Clow who, in an interview with Zany Mystic two days ago also mentioned, at the end of their hour together, that she thinks Pope Francis is a real reformer and fine human being. (Whereas I tend to be skeptical.) However, she also said that she’s waiting to see what he’ll do with the supposed coronation (oops, no, whatever they call it when they make somebody dead a “saint”) of Junipero Serra, who, as she pointed out, was responsible for the massacre of countless native peoples in California.

Hmmm. That was the first I’ve heard of this. And it apparently happens tomorrow, in the National Cathedral in Washington!

Here’s a commentary, in the guardian:

The Pope Should Not Grant Sainthood to a Brutal Missionary

And, Barbara mentions Mathew Fox, who has also been lobbying the pope not to go through with it.

Might this be the litmus test for this pope? Stay tuned.

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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, I am with you on the matter of skepticism…one could hope that in a perfect world this pope
    would be the ‘real deal’ yet hesitancy relates to Pope Francis’ place within the Jesuit hierarchy.

    Many in the bright and well-educated set seem convinced that Francis is the Jesuits’ ‘worst nightmare’ and therefore, the real deal. A cursory study of the Jesuit MO would lead one to believe otherwise because if that were truly the case, Bergoglio should have been toast long ago.

    There is absolutely no denying that Pope Francis is a phenomenally effective communicator
    who could well be playing a role of sorts…with Jesuit approval if not outright Jesuit scripting.
    Shakespeare’s “..all the world’s a stage…” provides a perspective that brings balance in the
    detachment that being a spectator affords. So, yes…Francis is ‘on’ and we each have an
    ersatz spectator’s seat for the next act.

    Aside from the present theatrical setting, one thing that is noteworthy is the lack of credible reporting and/or closure on the issue of Argentinian children who went missing during a particularly powerful point in Bergoglio’s rise. This is not an implication that Bergoglio had a hand in the actual kidnappings yet reports indicate that appeals to ‘the Church’ from family members, especially the mothers, appear to have fallen on somewhat deaf ears.

    Bergoglio’s hands may well have been tied politically yet many among those same families seek answers to this day and as to any role he may have played; a true revealing would decide the matter.

    Kudos to you and others who follow the signs and make that information available thereby providing a great service to those seeking answers as Planet Earth cycles through this time of revelation…not of the ‘end-time’ variety but rather of everlasting Truth.

  2. Colleen Conifer says:

    Ray Mc Govern is another skeptic who was educated by Jesuits. He raises a lot of excellent points about the moral issues Francis has yet to address regarding the sanctity of life for ALL human life, not just life before birth. And he despairs over the ease with which his Jesuit alma mater has abandoned its principles regarding intrinsic evil by giving John Brennan, another Fordham alum, an honorary degree despite his role in the torture program in the CIA.

    Mc Govern shows, perhaps inadvertently, that control of women was the first priority of US bishops under Benedict’s coercive threats. They told Catholics that Bush was the moral choice even after the Iraq invasion because he was against abortion. Will anything change in a fundamental way with the new smiling face at the top — and how do we know what role Benedict may still be playing? No pope has ever retired in their nearly 2000 yr history, and we know they rarely make precedent setting changes within their secret society. There’s no transparency in the church because lay people including children have no rights as they’ve shown repeatedly.

    The RCC has been the role model for our hierarchal global corporations Getting US Catholics back in church after the pedophile crimes were revealed is certainly one of the goals for his visit. It was very bad for business, and why they covered it up just like all corporations cover up their dirty deeds. And besides they know they are above all man made laws. I guess corporations adopted that one too.

    I appreciate Rose’s reminder that there are many unanswered questions about what happened in Arentina including two Jesuits under Bergoglio’s authority who followed liberation theology, and were killed by gov’t forces. Many question his failure to protect them. Church leaders have quite a history of aligning with facists and dictators in Latin America, and elsewhere around the world. I’m surprised the RCC’s history (what we know of it — and a lot more we don’t) is ignored by progressives who’re so eager to claim the new pope as a moral leader — or at least that’s what we’re being programmed to believe. I also remain very skeptical after spending much of my life unraveling the mind control programs installed through terror, violence, humiliation, and demands for unquestioning obedience in Catholic schools. Mind control is their prime directive, and if you resist like Mathew Fox, they throw you out before the contagion of independent thinking spreads. They can’t get away with burning or torture to maintain compliance, or what we now consider child abuse, but was called discipline way back in the 50’s and 60’s. They’ve adopted new pr strategies, but willi they ever relinquish control? The RCC will never be a democracy or share power with lay Catholics. That’s the Protestant brand, and they won’t be serving that anytime soon.

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