Lada Ray analyzes the Mideast

I so admire Lada Ray’s unusual capacity to articulate the complexity of the Mideast geopolitical maelstrom while seeing the entire panorama from multiple points of view of its various leaders. Amazing. Hers is the only analysis of this part of the world that doesn’t make me want to throw up my hands in despair, confusion, or exhaustion. Instead, she fascinates. Here’s an example:

Is Erdogan together with the Muslim Brotherhood trying to recreate the Turkish Empire?

A.K. Don't know when this chart was created, but no doubt it's out of date.

A.K. Don’t know when this chart was created, but no doubt it’s out of date.

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  1. I think I saw the same board in the corporate arms supplier waiting room lobby behind the bar in the Pentagon.

    Sort of like Chinese checkers, It was carved out with little digs to hold red, green, and yellow marbles. You role dice for your turn. Any number that can be divided by 2 evenly gets a red marble. Otherwise you get a green marble. Any one who roles two reds in a row gets 9 red marbles and 1 yellow. The yellow can bump any opponent’s marble you want. The object is to be the first to complete the board in red marbles. You can have as many players as you want. The only winner is the one who places the last marble.

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